Australia police raid Hells Angels biker gang sites

File photo: a member of Hells Angels, 16 August 2010
Image caption Police have warned that motorcycle gang feuds are endangering the public

Australian police say they have seized guns, ammunition and drugs in a series of raids on the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in the state of Victoria.

Around 60 properties were raided on Thursday, in an operation involving more than 700 police.

The move came days after new anti-fortification laws came into effect, making it easier for police to storm biker gang-linked properties.

There have been several cases of biker gang-related violence in recent months.

"We've located a number of firearms, a large quantity of ammunition, we've located drugs, [and] a large quantity of cash," Acting Deputy Commissioner Steve Fontana told reporters on Thursday.

Police found so much ammunition at one address that they needed to "get a trailer in to cart it away", he said.

However, he added that police were still searching for "high-powered military-style weapons" believed to be in the gang's possession.

On Sunday, Victoria state introduced laws allowing police to remove barriers, cameras and booby traps at biker club facilities during raids. However, police said that Thursday morning's operation was not linked to the new laws.

Last week, eight members of the rival Hells Angels and Comanchero gangs were charged in Melbourne over a spate of shootings.

Last year police warned that feuds between motorcycle gangs - including a series of shootings in Sydney - were a step away from becoming an all-out war.

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