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Australian man 'breaks bungee jump world record'

media captionWatch: Jay Phoenix threw himself off the platform 150 times

An Australian is thought to have broken the world record for the most bungee jumps in 24 hours, local media report.

Jay Phoenix began jumping from a bungee site in Queensland on Thursday at 0600 local time (2000 GMT). He completed 150 jumps by 0330 on Friday.

He said he was pleased, but his ankles were "destroyed" after the attempt.

If his record is confirmed, he would beat previous record holder Kevin Scott Huntly, from South Africa, who made 105 jumps in 24 hours in 2011.

Mr Phoenix conducted his jumps from a 40m (130ft) platform south of Brisbane, with the bungee cord attached to his ankles.

"My ankles are destroyed," he told Australian broadcaster ABC. "They're going to take a little bit to recover. I literally couldn't strap them on and jump again if I tried."

He added that he would eat between jumps in order to make the best use of time during his record breaking attempt.

"I'd just eat in between jumps, on the way up - half of my jumps I was actually still chewing on the way down," he said.

"I actually learned that I could swallow while I'm bouncing, so that was pretty cool."

He said that his team would now submit evidence of his attempt to the Guinness World Records for assessment and verification.

He added that he would be keen to start bungee jumping again "as soon as my ankles are good enough".

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