Fresh violence in Rakhine state as Burma leader visits

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Media captionBurmese President Thein Sein visits Rakhine state

Burmese President Thein Sein is visiting Rakhine state amid a fresh outbreak of sectarian violence between Buddhists and Muslims.

Police say a Muslim woman was killed on Tuesday, and many homes set alight.

The latest clashes appear to have been caused by a row over a parking space.

Tension between the two faith groups has risen in the past few years. Violence which broke out in June 2012 left nearly 200 people dead and thousands displaced.

This unrest has since spread to other parts of the country.

Houses burned

The latest violence appears to have started after a Buddhist taxi driver near the coastal town of Thandwe complained he had been verbally abused by a Muslim.

This triggered attacks against property, and then physical attacks.

"An old woman was killed during the clashes and houses were burned," a police official told the French news agency AFP.

Thein Sein spent Tuesday in another part of Rakhine state, which contains many stateless Rohingya Muslims.

Muslim and Buddhist communities remain largely segregated in the wake of last year's violence, with many displaced Rohingya Muslims living in tents or temporary camps.