You're the Voice

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Image caption Julian Assange dons an Australian sports strip and makeshift bandanna for the spoof
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Image caption The Wikileaks founder satirises the look of Australian soft rock legend John Farnham
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Image caption Mr Assange is unable to campaign at home as he is stuck inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London

Here in Australia you sometimes feel like Julian Assange is of more fascination abroad than he is at home. "All your BBC Radio 4 listeners just love hearing about him, I just don't understand why," one Australian political journalist who knows Britain well told me here recently.

The Australian Wikileaks founder is running for a Senate seat in the state of Victoria in next month's election but most pundits here write him off as having next to no chance of getting elected.

Perhaps surprisingly, there's relatively little coverage of the leader of the Wikileaks Party in the Australian media. And things are not really going great. Mr Assange had to make his campaign launch via a dodgy Skype line from his bolthole at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and his tiny party has already split over internal squabbles. The divisions were written off by Mr Assange as "teething problems" But even if he were to defy the pollsters and win a Senate seat, his "legal difficulties" in Sweden may rule Mr Assange out of ever taking up the job.

So if you were bored sitting in the Ecuadorian embassy for months on end, when you should be running an election campaign at home, what might you do to get a bit of attention and relieve the tedium? Dress up in a blonde mullet wig, don a nipple-hugging Australian national strip complete with dubious bandanna (think Aussie Rambo crossed with Kajagoogoo) and lip sync Australian legend John Farnham's (almost) classic You're the Voice in a makeshift campaign video. Obviously.