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Scores dead as floods and rainfall hit China

media captionAt least 105 people have died and 115 are missing after days of torrential rain, as Emily Thomas reports

At least 105 people have died and 115 are missing after floods and a typhoon hit parts of China, state media report.

Heavy rain since Wednesday has caused floods in the north-eastern provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang.

Southern China has been hit by Typhoon Utor, which made landfall in Guangdong province, where 22 people have been killed, reports say.

Neighbouring Hunan province and Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region have also been affected by the typhoon.

The storm passed through Guangdong last week, but the heavy rains which followed it have brought more chaos to the region.

Crop failure

China's Xinhua news agency described the floods in the north-east as the "worst in decades".

The floods have caused crop failure across 256,000 hectares of farmland in the region, which is one of China's major bread baskets, Xinhua reports.

More than 8 million residents of the north-east have been affected by the floods.

Almost 3,000 soldiers are helping with relief efforts, reports say.

image captionThe city of Fushun in Liaoning province has been particularly badly affected by the heavy rains
image captionSeveral days of downpours have left many streets in Fushun impassable
image captionThese farmers in Heilongjiang province worked with soldiers on Saturday to reinforce an embankment. Chinese officials say the floods have caused total crop failure in areas of the country's north-east.
image captionSouthern China has also seen severe flooding following Typhoon Utor
image captionHunan province is one of three regions in southern China which have suffered from heavy rains in the typhoon's aftermath

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