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Where should you put your wisdom?

Jon Donnison
Sydney correspondent

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image captionTony Abbott's gaffe is performing well on social media

Not sure if there's ever been an election where "suppositories" have been the daily talking point. But Tony Abbott is copping a lot flak for this today.

"No one, however smart, however well-educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom," said Mr Abbott on a campaign stop in Melbourne on Monday.

Cue guffaws and a bonanza of toilet humour and puerile puntastic headlines in the world's media, from "the butt of all jokes" to "Abbott gives supporters a bum steer" to "hitting a bum note". I'm sure there are a few readers who can suggest a few more.

The clip has gone viral on social media and #suppository was even trending on Twitter at one point (surely a world first). Even his supporters were left shifting awkwardly in their seats (sorry!)

It's led to unfortunate comparisons with the master of the political slip of the tongue, George W Bush.