In pictures: Indonesia fires

image captionForest fires in Indonesia's Sumatra island have shrouded parts of Malaysia, Singapore and the island itself in a choking haze.
image captionPalm-oil firms are accused of using slash-and-burn agricultural techniques to clear space for plantations.
image captionMuch of the media's attention has been focused on Singapore, where pollution indexes recorded their worst-ever readings this week, but villagers in Indonesia's Riau province are among the worst hit.
image captionResidents of Riau's provincial capital Pekanbaru are closely watching pollution indicators.
image captionIndonesia has mobilised planes and helicopters to battle the fires, and is attempting to induce rain through cloud seeding.
image captionSingapore's authorities say they are considering legal action against two Singapore-based firms allegedly linked to some of the fires.
image captionHowever, the fires and the haze are annual events, and the authorities in Indonesia have shown little inclination to discipline the companies involved.