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In pictures: Kyrgyzstan gold mine protests

image captionThere have been angry clashes in Kyrgyzstan after hundreds of police moved in to disperse a protest over a valuable Canadian-owned gold mine.
image captionAbout 1,000 people have been camped out for days calling for a bigger share of the profits from the Kumtor mine, owned by Canada's Centerra Gold group.
image captionPolice used tear gas when protesters threw stones, reports said.
image captionInjuries were reported on both sides as special forces clashed with protesters.
image captionA BBC Kyrgyz correspondent at the scene says protesters blocked the main road to Bishkek, with many demanding to see the president or prime minister.
image captionProtesters earlier seized an power station in an effort to cut the mine's electricity supply. A criminal case has been opened against them under a new law criminalising the occupation of government buildings and enterprises.
image captionThe government has now declared a state of emergency around the gold mine.
image captionAt 4,000m (13,000ft) above sea level, Kumtor is one of the highest gold mines in the world. It is situated in the permafrost of the Tien Shan mountains of China and Central Asia.
image captionKumtor is of huge economic importance to Kyrgyzstan, with the mine accounting for 12% of the country's GDP and more than half of its revenue from exports in 2011.
image captionKumtor Gold, a subsidiary of Centerra Gold, says it has paid more than $1bn (£660m) in taxes since it was formed and spends millions on social projects.
image captionThe Kyrgyz government and Kumtor Gold have warned that output could be affected if the situation is not resolved. The government has also promised to work towards gaining a bigger share of revenue for the country.

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