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Joseph Estrada elected mayor of Manila

image captionMr Estrada is one of the best -known and most colourful figures in Philippine politics

Joseph Estrada, the former Philippine president who was overthrown 12 years ago in a popular uprising, has been elected mayor of the capital, Manila.

Mr Estrada, a 76-year-old former film star, said he wanted to devote his final years to help improve the lives of the city's poor.

Overthrown in 2001, he was detained, found guilty of plunder in 2007 and given a life sentence.

He was eventually freed after receiving a presidential pardon.

Voting for mid-term elections was held on Monday with seats up for grabs at local, state and provincial levels, as well as most parliamentary seats.

Reports say that President Benigno Aquino is also set to win control of the two chambers of Congress.

Full results are expected on Wednesday.

"I am overwhelmed because the people have given me their trust and confidence again," Mr Estrada told his supporters.

He defeated the incumbent Mayor Alfredo Lim, a former police chief of Manila.

Mr Estrada is one of the best-known and most colourful figures in Philippine politics.

He was elected president in 1998 by what was the biggest ever margin at that time. But within a few years there was growing public anger over his alleged involvement in corruption and illegal business transactions.

The corruption allegations played into the hands of his political opponents, who had him impeached and tried by the Senate.

When the trial collapsed, after some prosecution evidence was ruled inadmissible, the anger spilled on to the streets.

By the time he was ousted in a revolt backed by the Catholic Church and the army in January 2001, many of the people who voted him in on a landslide had turned against him.

He was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of plundering state funds and accepting millions of dollars from illegal gambling syndicates.

After his pardon he set about restoring his political fortunes and analysts say this result shows he remains a formidable force.

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