Afghanistan last: 'Five killed' in car bomb attack in Kapisa


At least five civilians have been killed in a car bomb attack thought to have been targeting a Nato convoy in eastern Kapisa province, officials say.

The Nato-led force, Isaf, confirmed that none of its troops were killed by the car bomb in Tagab district.

But Afghan officials said that the bomb detonated after it slammed into a home, killing members of a family who were inside and a passer-by.

Taliban militants said they carried out the attack.

French combat troops pulled out of Kapisa province last year. All Nato fighting forces aim to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

There have been several recent high profile attacks in the capital, Kabul.

On Monday, insurgents assaulted the traffic police headquarters in Kabul, taking control of the building for several hours and killing three policemen.