Five Afghan police killed in Kandahar suicide attack


A suicide bomb attack on a police headquarters in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar has killed at least five policemen, officials say.

A spokesman for the provincial governor told the AFP news agency that the attacker drove an explosives-laden car into a checkpoint at the headquarters.

The attack took place on Thursday in the Arghistan district of Kandahar.

Separately, two militant attacks in the east have killed at least another four policemen, officials say.

A roadside bomb in Kunduz province killed the head of anti-terrorism police in Dashti Archi district as he was travelling by car. At least one colleague travelling with him was also killed.

In Nangarhar province a grenade thrown at a police checkpoint in the provincial capital Jalalabad killed two policemen, police say.

Thursday's bombing in Kandahar province follows a similar incident in February, when at least five policemen were shot dead at a checkpoint in the city of Kandahar.

As well as the five deaths in the latest attack, at least six policemen were wounded, officials say.

Kandahar is known to be a centre of Taliban activity, and is one of the areas where the insurgency originated.