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Australian police probe Kevin Rudd swearing video leak

image captionMr Rudd became foreign minister after being ousted as prime minister by Ms Gillard

Australian police say they are investigating the leak of a video showing former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd swearing, local media report.

The video was posted on YouTube on 17 February just before Mr Rudd challenged PM Julia Gillard for the leadership.

The footage, recorded several years ago when he was prime minister, shows him swearing in frustration as he tried to record a message in Chinese.

Ms Gillard said at the time that her office played no role in the leak.

An Australian Federal Police spokeswoman said the matter had been ''accepted for investigation'' after information was evaluated.

Mr Rudd had previously described the release of the video - days before he resigned as foreign minister to challenge for the Labor Party leadership - as "a little bit on the unusual side".

It contained edited clips of him swearing in frustration as he tried to record the message reportedly for a Chinese community group in his office.

Mr Rudd stepped down as foreign minister on 21 February and the leadership ballot took place on 27 February.

Ms Gillard, who ousted Mr Rudd as prime minister in June 2010, won the challenge by 71 votes to 31.

She said at the time that her office would not have had access to the footage.

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