Lady Gaga Indonesia concert denied permit by police

Lady Gaga
Image caption Lady Gaga is known for her flamboyant outfits

Indonesian police have refused to issue a permit for a concert by US pop star Lady Gaga in the capital next month.

This follows police concerns about security, after Islamic groups objected to her show, claiming it was too vulgar.

The hardline Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) had threatened to intercept Lady Gaga at the airport and stop her getting off the plane.

Indonesia is officially secular but has more Muslims than any other country.

It is now unclear whether the sell-out concert on 3 June will go ahead.

The show's organisers have not commented publicly on the issue.

"It is better that we don't give permission rather than that [the concert] ends up being stopped by the people. We have already received a letter requesting us to consider the people's plea [for cancellation]," Saut Nasution, a spokesman for the Indonesian police, told the BBC's Indonesian service.

"And the Jakarta Police also refused to recommend a permit for the concert because we don't want people to clash [on the matter]."

The Jakarta city police said that Islamic groups and community leaders had objected to the show.

Twitter campaign

"She's a vulgar singer who wears only panties and a bra when she sings," said Habib Salim Alatas, the Jakarta head of the FPI.

Image caption Islamic groups have protested against the show

He also described her as "dangerous" for Indonesia's younger generation, and claimed that Lady Gaga had referred to herself as the devil's messenger.

News of the decision has provoked a strong online reaction from Lady Gaga's fans, who have started a Twitter campaign called #IndonesiaSavesGaga to try and have the decision overturned.

User #23 ‏(@thesalshadilla), tweeted: "As an Indonesian musician, Lady GaGa is infact a very unique singer. She's one of my inspirators."

Another user from Indonesia, Jonathan Mathias P., expressed his indignation, tweeting: "Watching The Born This Way Ball for 2 hours won't hurt Indonesian people! GOD GAGA IS NOT A TERRORIST!!"

This is not the first time that Lady Gaga has faced objections during the Asia leg of her tour.

Her concert in South Korea in April was made an adults-only event following protests from Christian groups.

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