Australia Aboriginal burial site vandalised

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The desecration of an Aboriginal burial site in eastern Australia has been condemned as "disgusting and sickening" by Australian officials.

The Nazi swastika, and the words KKK and white power were inscribed across the wall and several headstones at the Fingal Head cemetery, a burial ground for Aboriginal people in the north of New South Wales state.

The desecration is thought to have happened early Tuesday, reports say.

Police are investigating the incident.


New South Wales Aboriginal Affairs Minister Victor Dominello expressed outrage over the incident: "Any racist attack on a site that is the designated final resting place for people of any culture or heritage is disgusting and sickening."

Burial sites are deeply sacred places in Aboriginal culture and even saying a dead person's name is taboo because it is considered disrespectful, correspondents say.

A local indigenous man said the act of vandalism at the cemetery, which was used by Aborigines between 1864 and 1964, was distressing.

"There was a photograph which they smashed and left lying there, so that's pretty traumatic for the family," Kevin Slab told reporters.

Local Mayor Barry Longland said the attack took the community by surprise.

"There is a very close-knit community there with a strong indigenous representation."

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