Vanuatu profile - Media

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Image caption Vanuatu has only one TV channel

The single TV channel on Vanuatu was established with the help of Radio France Overseas (RFO) and broadcasts in French and English.

Radio Vanuatu runs a shortwave and mediumwave (AM) service, as well as local commercial FM stations.

BBC World Service (99 MHz), Radio Australia, Radio France Internationale and China Radio International are available on FM.

There is a government newspaper, Vanuatu Weekly, and a handful of privately-owned papers.

There were nearly 30,000 internet users by 2014 (

The press

  • Vanuatu Weekly - state-owned
  • Nasara - private weekly
  • L'Hebdo Du Vanuatu - French-language, from publisher of Daily Post
  • The Vanuatu Independent - private weekly
  • Port Vila Presse - private weekly
  • Ni-Vanuatu - private weekly


Television Blong Vanuatu - operated by state-owned Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC)


  • Radio Vanuatu - operated by state-owned VBTC
  • Capital FM 107 - private, Port Vila
  • Laef FM - Christian, Port Vila