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Television is the most popular medium. There are state-run networks and more than a dozen private stations. Russian networks have a large audience.

Most radio stations are privately-owned; a handful broadcast nationwide.

The Kyrgyz media have greater editorial freedom than their regional counterparts. But journalists are subject to pressure from private media owners or the authorities, says US-based Freedom House.

Self-censorship is exercised when covering sensitive topics, including inter-ethnic relations, says Reporters Without Borders.

There were 2.1 million internet users by 2017, comprising around 34% of the population.

There is no widespread official censorship, but the authorities have used anti-extremism regulations to justify blocking a handful of websites, says Freedom House. Some internet users have been prosecuted for criticising the government.

The press



News agencies/internet

  • Kabar - state-run, English-language pages
  • AKIpress - private, English-language pages
  • - private, English-language pages
  • KyrTAG - private
  • Kloop - news site, blog platform
  • Diesel Forum - discussion platform