Africa's week in pictures: 26 July - 1 August 2019

A selection of photos from across Africa and Africans elsewhere this week:

A tattoo in the shape of the African continent is on a woman's ankle. She is wearing sparkly high-heeled shoes. Image copyright Reuters
Image caption At an entrepreneurs' forum in Nigeria on Thursday, a photographer captures this shot of a participant's Africa-shaped tattoo.
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A woman walks past a spray-painted mural depicting a woman with an afro. Image copyright EPA
Image caption A woman walks past this mural in Johannesburg's fashionable Maboneng neighbourhood on Tuesday.
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A girl wearing a beaded headband with the word "hope" weaved into is seen shouting. Her expression is passionate. Image copyright EPA
Image caption A young Kenyan makes her voice heard alongside dozens of other protesters calling for urgent investment into nationwide cancer care on Thursday in Nairobi.
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Five acrobats stand in a triangle shape on top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Image copyright PA Media
Image caption Among the acts at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe are five Kenyan acrobats known as The Black Blues Brothers. They're pictured here in the Scottish capital on Sunday.
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Damso holds the microphone to his mouth as he looks out to the audience. He is wearing sunglasses and a T-shirt covered in logos and behind him are purple neon signs depicting women. Image copyright EPA
Image caption Belgian-Congolese rapper Damso talks to the crowd at Switzerland's Paleo Festival on Friday.
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A swimmer is seen from underneath. The arena lights are clearly visible through the clear water. Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The next day, an Angolan woman competes in the mixed 4x100m Freestyle heats at the World Swimming Championships in South Korea.
Five girls crouch down ready to plant their saplings in the soil. Image copyright AFP
Image caption Volunteers and state officials in Ethiopia planted millions of trees on Monday. The government says it set a new record by planting more than 350 million trees in a single day...
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An Ethiopian man poses holding saplings. Image copyright AFP
Image caption Critics say the government is using the tree-planting drive to distract the public from its struggles to resolve ethnic conflicts that have forced some 2.5 million people from their homes.
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A Greater Bamboo Lemur cub clings on to its mother. Image copyright AFP
Image caption Greater Bamboo Lemurs, which are native to Madagascar, are endangered with only 1,000 left in the wild. This month-old cub is pictured in a zoo in France on Thursday.
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A man places his arm around the neck of camel. The animal's mouth is open and it is baring its teeth. Image copyright EPA
Image caption And on Thursday at Birqash Camel Market near Cairo, a seller poses with one of the hundreds of camels for sale.

Pictures from Reuters, EPA, Getty Images, PA and AFP

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