Africa's week in pictures: 1 - 7 September 2017

A selection of the best photos from across Africa and of Africans elsewhere in the world this week.

A woman sings during the concert of Malian musician Sidiki Diabate at Modibo Keita Stadium in Bamako on September 3, 2017. Diabate is one of the most popular Afro Trap singers in Mali and Africa. He also plays the kora and contributed to the album Lamomali with Matthieu Chedid and his father renowned kora player Toumani Diabate. Image copyright AFP

Fans of Malian rapper Sidiki Diabate sing along as he performs at Bamako's Modivo Keita stadium on Sunday. Diabate, the son of renowned kora player Toumani Dibate, is an accomplished kora player in his own right as well as being one of Africa's biggest afro trap stars - a style that blends afrobeats with trap music from the American South.

Mrs. Gabon Gwen Madiba reacts after her crown fell on the floor and is re- placed by television host and personality Arthur Evans (R) during the Mrs. Universe beauty pageant on September 02, 2017, at the International Convention Centre in Durban. Mrs. Universe must age 25 to 45, have a family, her own career, and be involved with a significant cause in favour of other people. Image copyright AFP

The new Mrs Gabon laughs as the master of ceremonies places her crown back on her head after it had fallen on the floor at Saturday's Mrs Universe beauty pageant. Gwen Madiba was runner-up in the competition held this year in Durban, which is open to women aged between 25 and 45 who have a family, a career and are involved in charitable causes.

A palace guard stands in front of the Emir"s palace before the start of the Durbar festival, on the second day of Eid al-Adha celebration, in Nigeria"s northern city of Kano September 2, 2017. Image copyright Reuters

On the same day, a guard stands in front of the Emir of Kano's palace before the start of the Durbar festival, part of Eid celebrations in northern Nigeria.

Pope Tawardros II delivers morning Mass at St Mary ^ St Mina Cathedral on September 1, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. Pope Tawardros II is visiting Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne during his 10 day pastoral visit. Australia is home to the third largest Coptic community outside Egypt. Copts began arriving in Australia in 1969 and there are now over 100,000 who call Australia home. Sydney has some 70,000, and its Diocese now comprises 41 churches, 70 priests, three schools, two monasteries and two Theological Colleges. Image copyright Getty Images

On Friday, the head of the Coptic Church, Pope Tawardros II, delivers morning Mass to the faithful at St Mina Cathedral in Sydney, Australia. The country is home to the third-largest Coptic community outside Egypt.

People manually remove water hyacinth weed from Lake Tana in Bahir Dar, Amhara region in northern Ethiopia, September 1, 2017. Picture taken September 1, 2017. Image copyright Reuters

Also on Friday, a group of men remove hyacinth weeds by hand from Lake Tana in northern Ethiopia. The invasive plant has threatened the livelihoods of many fishermen in East Africa.

A supporter of The National Super Alliance (NASA) opposition coalition and its presidential candidate Raila Odinga sits on top of a street sign post that has been relabeled "Judge Maraga Street", referring to Chief Justice David Maraga, and "Orengo Street", referring to NASA"s lawyer James Orengo, in front of the Supreme Court in central Nairobi, Kenya, 01 September 2017. Kenya"s Supreme Court on 01 September overturned the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta and ordered a re-run of the election within 60 days, citing irregularities. Ecstatic opposition supporters marched through the city to celebrate "historic" court decision. Image copyright EPA

On the same day, a Kenyan man sits on a street sign outside the Supreme Court in Nairobi where Chief Justice David Maraga ruled in favour of the opposition's petition to annul the results of August's presidential elections over voting irregularities. The road names on the sign have been altered by people celebrating the ruling in a tribute to the judge and to lawyer James Orengo, who brought the case.

Egyptian fans cheer for their national team during the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualification football match between Egypt and Uganda at the Borg al-Arab Stadium near Alexandria on September 5, 2017. Image copyright AFP

Egyptian football fans cheer on the national team as they beat Uganda 1-0 in Tuesday's World Cup 2018 qualifier. Midfielder Sam Morsy says the Pharaohs moved "one step closer" to a first World Cup appearance since 1990 with the win.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (L) receives the letter of credence from the ambassador of Chad, Ammo Aziza Baroud, at Palace Noordeinde in The Hague, the Netherlands, on September 6, 2017. Image copyright AFP

Ammo Aziza Baroud, Chad's newly appointed ambassador to the Netherlands, hands a letter of credence - the document which formally confirms an ambassador's appointment - to King Willem-Alexander at Palace Noordeinde in The Hague on Wednesday.

A security forces member stands in guard during the release of Anglophone activists at the prison of Yaounde,Cameroon, September 1, 2017. Image copyright Reuters

A member of Cameroon's security forces stands guard during the release of Anglophone activists from prison in Cameroon's capital, Yaoundé, on Friday. President Paul Biya issued a decree releasing a number of activists but it is not known how many others remain behind bars, nor how many are being held without charge.

A man cleans the tomb of Mobutu Sese Seko, the late dictator of the self-styled "King of Zaire", which was later renamed the Democratic Republic of Congo after his overthrow, in the European cemetery in Rabat on September 3, 2017, four days before the 20th anniversary of his death. Mobutu died on September 7, 1997 at the Mohamed V military hospital in Rabat after a long battle with prostate cancer. Twenty years on from his death in exile in Morocco, the simple initials MSS on a family grave mark the resting place of Mobutu Sese Seko, the self-styled "King of Zaire". Image copyright AFP

On Sunday, a man cleans the monogrammed initials on the tomb of Mobutu Sese Seko in Morocco's capital, Rabat. The authoritarian leader and self-styled "King of Zaire", now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, died of cancer in a Rabat hospital 20 years ago. A memorial service was held in the city on Thursday.

Images courtesy of AFP, EPA, Getty Images and Reuters

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