Kenyan $2m jackpot winner Abisai doubts he will bet again

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Abisai has not decided whether he will quit his job

A Kenyan punter who won a $2m (£1.6m) jackpot after correctly predicting the outcome of 17 football matches doubts he will ever bet again.

Samuel Abisai, 28, won the jackpot after placing about $2 on two separate picks, betting firm SportPesa says.

Mr Abisai plans to give some of his winnings back to society, including supporting his local football team in the western region of Kakamega.

The payout is reportedly one of the biggest ever paid in Kenya.

The average salary of a civil servant in Kenya is about $150 per month.

Kenyans' love of gambling: Alastair Leithead, BBC News, Nairobi

Kenyans are the biggest gamblers in sub-Saharan Africa. Three-quarters of 17-to-35 year olds in Kenya admit to having placed a bet, according to a recent survey.

Gambling on phone apps is easy, so many Kenyans regularly make payments through their mobile phones.

The government is worried - and has just slapped a 50% tax on bookmakers, lottery companies and sports betting sites.

Mr Abisai is, however, not affected as the taxation comes into effect next year.

"I think I am not going to bet again," Mr Abisai told journalists in Nairobi.

The company's boss Ronald Karauri led a convoy, including a stretch limousine, to pick up Mr Abisai from his home in the small town of Thika 45km (27 miles) north-east of the capital, Nairobi.

It had to navigate a large pothole just outside his home.

The father of one daughter works for a Chinese company and speaks fluent Mandarin. He has not decided whether he will quit his job.

However, he did say that top on his list of priorities is buying a car and investing in real estate.

The betting industry is rapidly growing across Africa.

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