Attack on Niger refugee camp kills 20 soldiers

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Niger map

At least 20 soldiers have been killed in Niger in an attack on a camp for Malian refugees, officials say.

The attack took place in the western Tahoua region, Prime Minister Brigi Rafini told state TV.

Assailants targeted a military post near the camp, a local official told the Associated Press.

Northern and central Mali remain unstable nearly four years after France led a military intervention to drive out jihadists.

Three soldiers were also injured in the attack, the local official said, and Prime Minister Rafini said the death toll could rise.

Last month, two refugees were killed when unidentified gunmen attacked a security post near Niger's Tabarey-barey camp, which also houses Malian refugees.

Niger's military is currently battling Boko Haram militants launching raids across the country's southern border from Nigeria as well as attempting to prevent violence spilling over from Mali to the west.