Kenyan man arrested after schoolgirl 'sex boast' on Facebook

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The girl involved is reported to be a primary school pupil

Police in Kenya have arrested a man after he allegedly boasted on Facebook about having sex with an underage girl, sparking outrage on social media.

"Today I had sex in the bush with a standard four girl," he allegedly wrote in the now-deleted post, adding photos of himself and the girl by a tree.

Pupils in a standard four are generally aged 10 and under.

Police say they are still looking for the girl who was allegedly assaulted by the 26-year-old suspect.

Identified by the police as Kelvin Alfayo, he is due to appear in court on Wednesday.

The hashtag #ArrestMohammedAlfayo, reflecting the name used on the Facebook page on which the post appeared, has been trending on social media in Kenya.

In previous posts that are still visible on the page, the writer brags about his wealth and high sex drive, and criticised the low self-esteem of some Kenyan women.

Officers sent to arrest Mr Alfayo in western Bomet County found him in hiding, national police spokesman George Kinoti told the BBC.

Police were investigating whether the man's online comments were true, local police chief Jonathan Ngala told the BBC.

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