Africa in pictures: 20-26 May 2016

A selection of photos from across the African continent this week:

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Image caption Hundreds of families are forced out of their homes on Thursday following flash floods in Beledweyne, north of Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, after torrential rains.
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Image caption A schoolgirl has to run past burning barricades in a slum in Kenya's capital on Monday. Protesters demanding electoral reforms clashed with the police.
Image copyright Italian Navy via AP
Image caption The capsizing of a boat in the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy is caught on camera on Wednesday by the Italian navy as officers rescued more than 560 migrants.
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Image caption On the same day, thousands of Zimbabweans are bussed into the capital, Harare, to take part in what was called the Million Man March to honour 92-year-old President Robert Mugabe.
Image caption The BBC's Christian Parkinson snaps members of a new South African political party, the Khoisan Revolution, promising voters on Wednesday they will campaign for land rights if elected.
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Image caption The next day, blind boxer Bashir Ramathan (R) spars with a man who puts on a blindfold to fight him in Uganda's capital, Kampala.
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Image caption Also on Thursday, Congolese Oklahoma City Thunder player Serge Ibaka tries to block a shot in the US NBA Western Conference Finals in California. His team went on to lose to the Golden State Warriors.
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Image caption Nigerian tomato sellers, like this one pictured in Lagos on Wednesday, are becoming a rarer sight after a "tomato emergency" was declared in Kaduna state because a pest is ravaging crops...
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Image caption It's a different story for this vendor in Nigeria's Delta region on Friday who fails to drum up interest in his sunglasses.
Image caption Catholic priest Father Lazarus Phirri poses for photos with his congregation after mass on Sunday in Zambia's capital, Lusaka.
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Image caption Also on Sunday, Egyptian Coptic Christians attend a memorial for the passengers of the EgyptAir plane that plunged into the Mediterranean earlier this month.
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Image caption Catholics, amongst 200,000 on a pilgrimage, pray at a statue of the Virgin Mary on Sunday at the grand basilica in Ivory Coast's capital, Yamoussoukro.
Image caption And an Ivorian fisherman in the western village of Monogaga holds up a giant sea snail on Tuesday for the BBC's Tamasin Ford, who says it is the biggest she has ever seen.

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