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Pope in Kenya: Key quotes and pictures


Pope Francis has made three speeches so far in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, on the first leg of his three-nation African tour. Here are some key quotes and images:

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"May you always be concerned for the needs of the poor, and reject everything that leads to prejudice and discrimination, for these things, we know, are not of God."

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"To protect [the youth], to invest in them and to offer them a helping hand, is the best way we can ensure a future worthy of the wisdom and spiritual values dear to their elders, values which are the very heart and soul of a people."

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"The grave environmental crisis facing our world demands an ever greater sensitivity to the relationship between human beings and nature."

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"There is a clear link between the protection of nature and the building of a just and equitable social order."

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"Like Kenya, [many African countries] are working to build, on the solid foundations of mutual respect, dialogue and cooperation, a multiethnic society which is truly harmonious, just and inclusive."

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"I ask you in particular to show genuine concern for the needs of the poor, the aspirations of the young, and a just distribution of the natural and human resources with which the Creator has blessed your country. "

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"Experience shows that violence, conflict and terrorism feed on fear, mistrust, and the despair born of poverty and frustration."

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"[God's] name must never be used to justify hatred and violence."

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"The health of any society depends on the health of its families.

"For their sake, and for the good of society, our faith in God's word calls us to support families in their mission in society, to accept children as a blessing for our world, and to defend the dignity of each man and woman, for all of us are brothers and sisters in the one human family."

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"Christian families have this special mission: To radiate God's love, and to spread the life-giving waters of his Spirit.

"This is especially important today, for we are seeing the growth of new deserts created by a culture of materialism and indifference to others."

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"Ecumenical and interreligious dialogue is not a luxury. It is not something extra or optional, but essential, something which our world, wounded by conflict and division, increasingly needs."

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