Zimbabwe's Mr Ugly contest winner 'too handsome'

Mison Sere Image copyright AP
Image caption It was argued that winner Mison Sere was only ugly when he opened his mouth

Some of the crowd at Zimbabwe's annual Mr Ugly contest have complained that the winner was not ugly enough.

The runner-up and his supporters said Mison Sere's ugliness wasn't natural since it was based on missing teeth.

Mr Sere won $500 ($330) and plans to start a TV career.

The organiser David Machowa told the BBC's Steve Vickers that models make money from their looks, so ugly people should have the same opportunity.

Runner-up William Masvinu has won every previous year of the competition. He took home $100 this year.

Image copyright AP
Image caption William Masvinu told the BBC his wife supports his decision to take part in the competition

Mr Masvinu told the BBC that winning the competition in previous years has brought him fame and a few minor marketing contracts.

"To be rewarded is a good thing, this competition has done a lot for me, it's changed my life," he said.

Now, Mr Sere is hoping for the same fame and fortune.

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Image caption Audience members wanted a picture with the winner

He told AP news agency that he already goes around schools performing and, as he put it ""showcasing my ugliness".

He sees winning the competition as a chance to make it onto TV.

Image copyright AP
Image caption Winner Mison Sere wore torn overalls to compete

He's not the only one hoping to make ugliness pay.

The competition's organiser hopes that the Zimbabwean contest is just the start of it.

He is planning to compete in Mr Ugly World, to be staged in Harare in 2017.

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Image caption If ugly competitions take off, we may be seeing more of this

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