Kenya begins nationwide crackdown on illegal alcohol

image captionBottles containing illegal alcohol were smashed in Nairobi

Authorities in Kenya have begun a four-day nationwide crackdown to get rid of illicitly brewed alcohol following a recent spate of deaths.

Homemade alcohol is popular in central Kenya, where many people cannot afford to buy commercial alcohol.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said many men in the area are "addicted" to what is sometimes called ''killer brew''.

The government has revoked all licences for bars and other outlets selling home brew, which can be laced with methanol.

image source, ALAMY
image captionIllicit brew is popular because it is cheap

The operation started in Kiambu county, where home brew has destroyed families, made men impotent and led to many deaths, reports BBC East Africa editor Caroline Karobia.

Last year, some 70 people were killed in the area.

There have been demonstrations by women from the affected areas asking the government to take action.

After the four-day operation, the team will report to President Kenyatta to assess the progress being made.

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