Nigerian finds suitor via radio appeal in Kano

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Zainab AbdulmalikImage source, Freedom Radio
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Zainab Abdulmalik was dumped by her former lover

A woman who went on radio to appeal for a husband in the northern Nigerian city of Kano has found a suitor, journalist Nasiru Zango has told the BBC.

Mr Zango, who works at Freedom Radio, said Zainab Abdulmalik, 22, made the appeal on Tuesday, asking prospective husbands to come to the station the next day.

Hundreds of men turned up, lured by her promise to give the one she chose a car and house, Mr Zango said.

Many Nigerians are poor and unemployed.

Young men flocked to the station's offices and staff had to call in the police who whisked Ms Abdulmalik away, Mr Zango said.

But not before she had made her choice.

The details of the man have not been released.

Ms Abdulmalik, a successful market trader, told Nigeria's Daily Trust paper that she resorted to this unusual method of finding a husband because "I invested about five million naira ($25,000; £15,800) on my lover but he jilted me, after all I have done for him".

BBC Hausa's Jimeh Saleh says it is unheard of for a woman to find a husband in this way in Nigeria.

The most common method of finding a spouse in the mainly Muslim city of Kano is through arranged marriages, or marrying a relative, although this is changing now, he says.