Libya diner bombed after graphic video on social media


A fast-food restaurant in Tripoli was bombed on Wednesday night after a video shared on social media showed a migrant worker defiling food in its kitchen.

In the video, a worker masturbated over food and said he was "putting HIV sperm" in the meals.

The graphic nature of the video has worried many in the migrant community who fear a backlash.

Illegal migrants in Libya frequently complain about abuse against them by bosses and at the hands of militias.

The BBC's Rana Jawad in Tripoli says while it is unclear what motivated the act of defiling the food, the video has also triggered conspiracy theories including claims of the video being fabricated as a pretext to bomb the restaurant.

The official Facebook page of a known militia in Tripoli claimed it had arrested a group of illegal migrants and found a memory stick which contained the video file.

The posting said the migrant worker in question was shot several times in the legs when he tried to escape.

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