Mali unrest: Chad peacekeepers killed in Kidal region

Chad peacekeeper in Mali (file photo) Image copyright AFP
Image caption Troops from Chad played a key role in recapturing towns from Islamist militants last year

Four UN peacekeepers from Chad have been killed in a suicide attack on their base in northern Mali.

They died when a car packed with explosives was crashed into the entrance of a military base in the town of Aguelhoc.

Aguelhoc is 100km (60 miles) north of Kidal, which rebels last month seized from Mali's army.

Both ethnic Tuareg separatist rebels and al-Qaeda-linked militants remain active in northern Mali.

Troops from France and Mali's neighbours, such as Chad, last year recaptured the region's main towns from the Islamist militants.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the latest attack would not diminish the resolve of the organisation to support Mali.

After last month's fighting in Kidal, three Tuareg rebel groups agreed a ceasefire with Mali's government.

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