Africa in pictures: 7-13 February 2014

image captionProtesters in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, demonstrate on Thursday against the government’s failure to tackle unemployment, corruption, poverty, amongst other issues…
image captionThey abandon their foam sculptures as the police tear gas the march. The political activists say the giant babies represented the apathy of Kenyans, who need to “grow up”, the Associated Press reports.
image captionIn Nairobi on Monday, a man wears a rainbow-coloured wig and glasses as he gathers at a rare protest by members and supporters of the gay community, outside Uganda’s High Commission against a bill that may become law that would toughen punishments for homosexuals in Uganda.
image captionOn the same day in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a member of Sape, the Congolese society that believes in fine and flamboyant dressing, poses as he walks to the city’s Gombe cemetery….
image caption… to pay tribute with other sapeurs to the founder of their movement, Stervos Niarcos Ngashie, who died in 1995.
image captionIn Ivory Coast’s eastern city of Abengourou on Friday, a woman dances during the annual yam festival at the court of King Nanan Boa Kouassi III of Agni N'denian.
image captionSouth Sudanese model Nykhor Paul has her nails and make-up done backstage on Sunday during New York Fashion Week in the US.
image captionOn Wednesday in Yirol in central South Sudan, children are pictured at a cattle camp. A second round of peace talks between the government and rebels began this week in Ethiopia.
image captionOn the same day fighters from the “white army”, a local youth militia affiliated with the rebels, walk with their guns in Upper Nile state in the north-east of the country.
image captionMembers of the disbanded Congolese M23 rebel group play cards on Friday at a military training school in Bihanga in western Uganda where, with more than 1,300 of their colleagues, they have been held since their surrender at the end of last year. On Wednesday, DR Congo President Joseph Kabila issued an amnesty for the ex-fighters.
image captionOn Saturday, a police officer looks over the desert city of Ghardaia in southern Algeria where there has been sectarian violence in recent weeks involving the minority Mozabite community, which follows the Ibadi sect of Islam, and Sunni Muslims.
image captionIn South Africa, supporters of the governing African National Congress (ANC) run for cover as police fire rubber bullets after they threw bricks during a march of the opposition Democratic Alliance in Johannesburg on Wednesday.
image captionSouth Africa protesters in Hebron near the capital, Pretoria, perform a mock necklacing – the notorious form of killing people in the 1980s when a tyre was forced over a victim’s shoulders and set alight – during a demonstration on Friday to demand better government services for their community.
image captionANC MP Mandla Mandela, grandson of South Africa’s first democratically elected President Nelson Mandela, arrives at parliament in Cape Town on Thursday for the annual state of the nation address by the president.
image captionOn Wednesday, an orphaned elephant drinks milk from a bottle within the Nairobi National Park in Kenya. The next day, at a conference in London on the illegal wildlife trade, the leaders of Botswana, Chad, Gabon and Tanzania pledged to honour a 10-year moratorium on sales of ivory in an effort to protect elephants.
image captionAnd Kenyan rugby players celebrate on Saturday after beating Scotland in the rugby seven bowl final in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington.