Mandela memorial service on social media

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As the rain fell in Johannesburg, tens of thousands of people, including foreign dignitaries and family members, paid their respects to Nelson Mandela at his memorial service in the FNB stadium on Tuesday 10 December.

Globally, over 35,000 tweets containing the word 'Mandela' were posted in just one hour between 0800 and 0900 GMT, according to social media analysts Crimson Hexagon. Many people inside and outside the stadium also took to social media to express their feelings and share their videos and pictures of the event.

Below is a selection of some of the content they posted, as well as reaction from people watching around the world.

Bhekokwakhe had a seat in the FNB stadium, he tweeted:

And almost 800 miles away in Cape Town, Cebo Sonjica recorded this footage and posted it on Instagram:

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Media captionInstagram video posted by Cebo Sonjica

As the stadium filled up, people continued to commentate on the event on social media. Kgomotso Neto posted a clip on Instagram of people arriving for the memorial service:

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Media captionPeople arriving at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg

Jonathan Manning captured the atmosphere inside the FNB Stadium and shared his video on Instagram:

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Media captionCrowds chanting in the stadium. Posted by Jonathan Manning

He also posted this picture showing the Mandela family arriving for the service:

Image copyright Jonathan Manning
Image caption The Mandela family make their way to their seats. Picture posted on Instagram by Jonathan Manning

Linda Ginyi Sisulu captured the moment US President Barack Obama entered the stadium:

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Media captionBarack Obama arrives at Nelson Mandela's Memorial Service

65-year-old Neil Maloney, lived in Cape Town as a boy and wrote in an email to the BBC News website: "From where we lived you could see Robben Island in the distance and I knew Mandela was there.

Even as an 11-year-old I knew something was wrong with South Africa at the time. Watching the Memorial service today, I can't think of anyone else who represents what humanity should be."

When Barack Obama spoke, people posted their reaction to his words on Twitter.

South African actress, Shoki Mokgapa tweeted:

And O'Neil Nair tweeted how he felt as Barack Obama delivered his speech:

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When South Africa's President Jacob Zuma entered the stadium, there was a mixed response with some people in the crowd. Tom Khosa tweeted from the stadium:

Sarah in Fayetteville in North Carolina in the US, texted the BBC: "As a white South African who started school in 1995, I was overcome with emotion at hearing of Madiba's passing. As usual today's events have become a circus, the crowd's embarrassing the country in front of the entire world. And that is why I will probably never return to my country, my last hope died with him."

Cathy Mohlahlana, a journalist in Johannesburg, tweeted:

The event organisers response to the crowd's boos was to stop showing him on the big screens in the stadium. At first their response caused confusion and prompted New York Times Johannesburg Bureau Chief, Lydia Polgreen, to ask on Twitter:

Some people on Twitter praised Zuma's courage for appearing anyway, others condemned him for dragging politics into the memorial service:

W.Hunter Patterson from Washington, USA, tweeted:

And from Brighton, UK, Tony Durham tweeted:

And after the service, Thamsanga Mokoena from Johannesburg, posts a final picture on his Instagram account showing an ANC poster of Mandela fallen on the ground. Thamsanga, like thousands of others, used social media to share his final thoughts on the passing of Nelson Mandela.

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