Turkana 'siege': Kenyan roadblocks removed


Roadblocks around a Kenyan village said to have been surrounded by a militia have been removed, allowing food supplies in for the first time in days.

Local officials said that about 900 villagers had been surrounded by armed men in the remote Turkana region.

But a police spokeswoman told the BBC that no-one had been held hostage and there had been no clashes.

Supt Zipporah Gatiria Mbokori said the villagers had just been too afraid to leave their homes and fetch water.

She told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme that the situation had been defused after talks between members of the rival Turkana and Pokot communities on Sunday and Monday.

The two communities have a long history of clashing over land, pasture and cattle-rustling.

This has become more deadly in recent years following an influx of guns from countries such as Sudan and Somalia.

A new report has revealed that Turkana is Kenya's poorest region, according to the Daily Nation newspaper.

However, both oil and huge waters resources have recently been discovered there.

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