Charles Taylor verdict: As it happened

Key points

  • Former Liberian President Charles Taylor has been found guilty of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, murder, rape and terrorism
  • He becomes the first former head of state convicted of war crimes by an international court since the Nuremburg trials after World War II
  • He was convicted of backing rebels who killed tens of thousands during Sierra Leone's 1991-2002 civil war, but was cleared of giving the orders
  • The court found there was a continuous supply of diamonds from the rebels to Taylor, often in exchange for arms and ammunition
  • He was tried by the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone, sitting in The Hague, in case the trial led to fresh instability in the region
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  • Yaroslav Lukov 
  • Lucy Fleming 
  • Joseph Winter 

Last updated 26 April 2012

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