Gaddafi supporters outside Libya form new grouping

Muammar Gaddafi (file photo)
Image caption Gaddafi was overthrown and killed in October 2011

Members of Colonel Gaddafi's former government outside Libya say they are starting a political movement aimed at radical change, the BBC has learnt.

In a message which appears to be genuine, one of Gaddafi's senior officials said they wanted to prevent the outbreak of another civil war.

The man asked to remain anonymous to protect relatives still in the country.

BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen says the old regime has supporters in Libya but it is not known how many.

Building a political movement might be difficult since Gaddafi is dead and his prominent son Saif al Islam is a prisoner inside Libya, he says.

Last week Saadi Gaddafi, another of the former leader's sons, who is in exile in Niger, warned of an imminent uprising inside Libya.

'Situation worsening'

The statement coincided with the first anniversary of the start of the uprising which overthrew Gaddafi.

The former senior official told the BBC that most of the leadership of what he calls "Green Libya" were forming the Libyan Popular National Movement.

In a statement posted on several websites the group said the situation in Libya "is becoming worse every day.

"There's very little interest from the international media in the many horrors that have taken place. We are reorganising ourselves outside Libya in an inclusive political movement that would encompass all Libyans who understand the terrible reality of Libya," it said.

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