Full text: Gaddafi broadcast

Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi
Image caption Col Gaddafi's whereabouts are not known

Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi broadcast a defiant speech on al-Uruba TV on Tuesday night. He called for Libyan citizens to support him and attack the forces trying to overthrow him. Here is the text of his speech:

They are co-ordinating with the tribes in order to kick out their tribes from the streets of Tripoli, which were handed over to the rats of Nato.

People of Tripoli, who are not from those tribes, your mission is the same - ie to purge your areas, to purge the districts of the city of Tripoli. To the youth of Tajoura, Souq al-Jumaa, it is a possibility that the rats are nesting there with the help of some sick people such as [Sheikh al-Sadiq] al-Ghiryani who was present in that area, that dirty Ghiryani [words indistinct but the gist is insulting Ghiryani's direct family lineage].

They were nesting there, taking orders from infidels and colonialists and from the French embassy in Tripoli. They wanted to destroy Tajoura and Souq al-Jumaa. Let all the youth, women and free men march on those areas to purge them from the rats.

'Exterminate the traitors'

The tribes are marching from several regions: from Bani Walid, Tarhouna, Fizzan, Sabha, Jufara, from the mountain, tribes are marching in from outside Tripoli. They are inside the city, they have entered it and are now purging it with the help of its residents.

[The rebels want to] pillage and torch the city of Tripoli. They want to destroy it. They do not care if you live miserably in darkness. They will take away your petroleum and destroy Libya. They do not care [words indistinct]. The infidels have entered your mosques [words indistinct].

Let everyone converge on Tripoli: its original residents, the tribes taking residence there, the tribes coming in from outside of it, the youth, the elderly, the women, the armed combat formations. All of you, sweep into Tripoli and flush it out and exterminate the traitors, infidels and rats. [words indistinct]

They are slaughtering you, disfiguring your corpses, torturing you [words indistinct]. Why do you let them torture? They came in with the guns and tanks to topple Tripoli over your heads. The army did not go into buildings. They were the ones who entrenched themselves with families in their houses. They were the ones to have stormed into flats. So, you should attack them. Take them away from the families whose homes were attacked.

'Riot Control'

I am asking you to come on pick up your courage, have courage and come out to the streets. I would like to salute al-Rai TV because of this chance to talk since al-Jamahiriya TV was bombed.

I came out undercover from my home in Tripoli without people seeing me and I found young people on the streets. To be honest, I did not feel like Tripoli had fallen or that some had marched into it.

I consider this a simple thing, just an issue of riot control. Counter-terrorism units are currently carrying out their duties and rounding up criminals. [Words indistinct]. I have met revolutionary young people carrying AK-47s. That was amazing. I would like to salute them and salute their courage.