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State TV faces competition from satellite networks

The government exercises broad control over the media. Until 2014, a state monopoly forced private satellite TVs to operate from outside Algeria.

Five private TVs are now authorised to operate within the country: Dzair, El Djazairia, Ennahar, Echourouk and Hogar. Most of these outlets are close to the authorities.

Dozens of private satellite TV channels have "offshore" status; operating from abroad while maintaining offices in Algeria. Opposition networks operate from outside the country.

The radio sector is entirely state-run.

State TV and radio report favourably on the president and the government, avoiding criticism or dissenting views.

There is a lively private press. Papers in Arabic attract a larger readership, while French-language titles are preferred among the educated elite.

Few press titles are viewed as being independent of the state. Most outlets are owned by business figures who have links with the government.

US-based watchdog Freedom House classifies the Algerian media as "Not Free".

Paris-based Reporters Without Borders has criticised the "progressive asphyxiation" of the media since President Bouteflika's re-election in 2014.

There were around 15 million internet users by 2017 (

A cyber-crime law gives the authorities the right to block websites deemed "contrary to public order or decency".

Facebook use is on the rise. The most popular accounts are run by politicians, government officials, writers and footballers.

The press

El Khabar - (The News) private, Arabic daily

Echourouk - (The Sunrise) private, Arabic daily; website has English-language pages

Le Quotidien d'Oran - private, French-language daily

El Moudjahid - (The Freedom Fighter) state-run, French-language daily; website has English-language pages

Ech Chaab - (The People) state-run, Arabic daily

El Watan - (The Homeland) private, French language daily

Le Soir d'Algerie - private, French-language daily

Liberte - private, French-language

La Tribune - private, French-language

Algerian Press Portal - press directory

Echourouk TV - private, based in Algiers, via satellite

Ennahar TV - private, based in Algiers, via satellite

El Djazairia TV - private, via satellite

Djair TV - private, via satellite

BRTV - Berber, via satellite from France

Radio Algerienne - state-run, operates Arabic, Berber and French networks and local stations

Algerian Press Service (APS) - state-run agency

Algerie Focus - news site, in French

Tout Sur l'Algerie - news site, in French

Algeria Channel - news aggregator, in Arabic

Tamurt - Berber news site