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Sao Tome and Principe profile

image captionSao Tome has enjoyed freedom of expression

Freedom of expression, guaranteed by the constitution, is also respected in practice, says US-based Freedom House.

There are three privately-owned newspapers and one which is state-run.

While the state controls the only radio and TV stations, no law forbids private broadcasting.

State media carry opposition views and give access to opposition leaders.

There were 58,000 internet users by June 2019, 27% of the population ( Facebook is the most popular social network. There are no restrictions on online media, says Freedom House.

  • Tela Non Diario de Sao Tome e Principe - daily, in Portuguese
  • Televisao Saotomense (TVS) - state-run national broadcaster
  • Radio Nacional de Sao Tome e Principe - state-run national broadcaster