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Radio is the most influential medium, and the only one to reach the entire country.

State media outlets include Radio Television Guineenne (RTG) and the largest and only daily newspaper. They offer scant criticism of the government.

Image caption Guinea's government has kept tight control of media

After much lobbying, the government licensed private broadcasters in 2006.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) says media laws promulgated following the 2010 democratic transition have not been implemented. Abuses against journalists and other repressive measures have resumed, and RTG needs to become a "real public service" medium, it adds.

More than 30 private newspapers publish either weekly or sporadically and are critical of the government.

There were just under 96,000 internet users by December 2011 ( Guinea has many bloggers and more than 50 websites, RSF reports. News sites include Canada-based GuineeNews.



  • Radiodiffusion-Television Guineenne (RTG) - state-run


  • Radiodiffusion-Television Guineenne (RTG) - state-run, in French, English and vernacular languages; operates Radio Rurale community stations
  • Radio Nostalgie Guinea - private
  • Liberte FM - private
  • Soleil FM - private
  • Familia FM - private