Ivory Coast profile - Media


Long-running political divisions are reflected in the media landscape, and most outlets are partisan in their coverage.

Press freedom "depends closely on the political context", says Reporters Without Borders (RSF). "Journalists face intimidation and occasional violence by security forces," says Freedom House.

The government operates the outlets with the widest reach: two radio stations, two TV stations and the leading daily newspaper.

The first privately-owned terrestrial TV stations were licensed in 2018. The main channels are owned by members of the business and political elite.

Radio is the most popular medium and there are nearly 200 stations. Online news sources are increasingly popular, but print newspapers have limited circulation.

BBC World Service in French is available on FM, including in Abidjan (94.3). There are also FM relays of Radio France Internationale and Voice of America.

Around 46% of the population have internet access. There are no formal restrictions on internet use. Facebook is the most popular social network.




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