Cameroon profile - media

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Image caption Newspapers are subject to official restrictions

State-run CRTV operates national TV and radio networks and provincial radio stations. There are dozens of private radio and TV stations.

Journalists reporting on sensitive subjects risk lawsuits and extrajudicial detention, says US NGO Freedom House.

BBC World Service radio is available via local relays (98.4 FM in Yaounde).

There were around 4.3 million internet users by 2016 (

Amid protests in Cameroon's English-speaking regions, internet access in these areas was suspended in early 2017.


  • Cameroon Tribune - state-owned daily in French, English
  • Mutations - privately-owned French-language daily
  • Le Messager - privately-owned, Douala
  • The Herald - English-language
  • The Post - private, English-language
  • La Nouvelle Expression - private, French-language