Libya crisis in maps: Day by day

Sunday 20 March

The coalition forces launched a series of air strikes overnight against Libyan military and strategic targets.

Air strikes: The United States and Britain attacked Libyan air defence, communications or command sites.

The missiles were fired from two US destroyers, three submarines and a British Trafalgar-class submarine, based off the coast of Libya, in the Mediterranean.

Air raids were also carried out by British Tornadoes, which took off from RAF Marham in Norfolk, and flew the 3,000-mile round trip to Libya and back again.

US commanders said the strikes were "very effective" and had succeeded in crippling Gaddafi's air capability and allowing effective enforcement of a no-fly zone.

It also appears to have halted the advance of the Libyan leader's forces on the rebel-held city of Benghazi.

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