Ghana oil city map: Meet the people

In December, Ghana turned on the taps on its first commercial oil well, with production set to top 100,000 barrels a day this year.

The BBC's Rob Walker visited the city of Takoradi, at the centre of the oil rush, to meet its residents and find out who's really going to benefit.

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alberta alfred market vicky gyando alberta alfred market vicky gyando Map of Takoradi, Ghana. Photo: Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center. "The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth."

Alberta - Student

Alberta Adjei Mensah, final year student

Alberta Adjei Mensah, 23, final year student, Takoradi Polytechnic

"I'm looking for a job in procurement, because that's what I'm studying. It's very, very difficult to find a job. We have few companies here in Takoradi. It's very competitive."

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Alfred - Engineer

Alfred Fafali Adagbedu, owner of Seaweld Engineering

Alfred Fafali Adagbedu, 47, owner of Seaweld Engineering

"I'm a marine engineer. I had to go abroad because there was no oil here. But three years ago, with the oil find in Ghana, I decided to come home from Equatorial Guinea where I was working to establish Seaweld Ghana."

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Rob Walker in Takoradi marketplace

Rob Walker reports from the central marketplace in Takoradi.

Vicky - Hairdresser

Vicky Hughton, owner Style Salon hairdressers

Vicky Hughton, 47, owner Style Salon hairdressers, Liberation Road

"I started with two small hairdriers in 1989, and I've been in this shop since then. When they said oil was coming, our expectations went high, high, high. People connected to the oil industry want higher standards."

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Gyandoh - DJ

Nana Otu Gyandoh, radio presenter

Nana Otu Gyandoh, 35, presenter, Melody FM radio

"My passion is to see Takoradi grow and become the first cosmopolitan city in Ghana. Over the years, we've had the belief that Takoradi has not been given due attention. Before the oil discovery, we were crawling. The oil is a new rallying point."

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