Nato convoy attacked by suicide car bomb in Kabul

image captionPolice said the bomb was detonated before the car reached the convoy

A suicide car bomber has attacked a convoy of international troops in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Nato-led international force, Isaf, says.

Isaf said the attack took place near one of its bases, Camp Julian, in the south of the city.

It said there was no immediate information on casualties, while police said an Afghan soldier was injured.

The last attack on Isaf troops in Kabul was in May, when 18 people were killed in a similar incident.

Kabul police chief Mohammad Ayub Salangi said a suicide attacker drove his vehicle at the convoy on Friday, the French news agency AFP reported.

"Fortunately, it exploded before reaching the convoy. One Afghan National Army soldier was slightly injured," he said.

Large numbers of police and soldiers and emergency service workers went to the scene of the blast near Camp Julian - which is located in the ruins of the former Afghan royal palace - and the new parliament building.

There have been relatively few attacks in Kabul this year, with the last major one taking place in August, while the insurgency has intensified outside the capital.

Afghan police set up extra checkpoints throughout the city following a series of attacks by gunmen and bombers on government offices and hotels.

Friday's attack took place in the same area of the city as an incident last May when a suicide car bomber attacked a NATO convoy killing 18 people, including five US soldiers, a Canadian soldier and 12 civilians.

That attack was the deadliest strike on the capital in more than a year.

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