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    Video caption: US election: Are white women voters wavering on Trump?

    Polls suggest they're changing their minds on the president. We look at what impact it could have.

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    Video caption: US election: The American suburban women leading a ‘wine-fueled rebellion’

    A group of suburban women in Ohio is rallying voters to try and swing the election in November.

  3. How can India be made safer for women?

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    Video caption: What can be done to check sexual violence against women in India?
  4. By Holly Honderich, Angelica Casas & Cache McClay

    BBC News, Washington

    Katy Schultz and her daughter

    Three mothers talk about life in a pandemic, and the 'total chaos' of working from home with kids.

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    Video caption: Female Koran reciters 'part of Islamic legacy'

    How female Muslim Koran reciters are making their voices heard.

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    Video caption: How Ruth Bader Ginsburg personally shaped our lives

    A plaintiff, a student and a politician speak about the late Supreme Court justice's powerful influence.

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    Video caption: Birmingham football club for Muslim women

    A once derelict patch of wasteland is now a safe space for young Muslim women to play football.

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    Video caption: Misogyny stories: 'He said I couldn't take a compliment'

    Writer Aileen McKay reported a man to the police after he tried to touch her on a train.