Apple unveils its latest emojis on World Emoji Day

Eight of the soon-to-be-released emojis including white-haired, curly-haired, ginger-haired and bald characters of different races Image copyright Apple
Image caption Ta da! Apple has revealed its latest batch of emojis - coming soon to an iPhone near you

It's a great day to be bald, ginger, grey, or curly-haired - or, indeed, a lobster.

All of the above have made it into the latest batch of Apple emojis, unveiled to mark "World Emoji Day" on Tuesday.

The coming of the colourful characters was announced back in February by the Unicode Consortium, the group that decides on new emojis.

As well as the new hairstyles, exotic animals including a kangaroo, parrot and peacock are set to feature.

Healthy eaters will be delighted to learn that a mango and lettuce also made the cut - along with a cupcake for balance.

The 70 new emojis will be rolled out automatically in a free software update later this year.

Image copyright Apple
Image caption An assortment of animals and some popular new foods are among the newcomers
Image copyright Apple
Image caption The new faces include a pleading look, a loved-up emoji, and a chilly face. The symbols for infinity and a blue Nazar amulet (a protection symbol in some parts of the world) have also been added.

The little cartoons get their own spin from each company that uses them, so one smartphone maker's will have small differences from another's - but the general appearance will be similar.

Jeremy Burge, creator of World Emoji Day, said the ginger emojis were expected to draw the most love from users.

"As always, some of the most vocal requests for new emojis are about representation, and this update delivers some of the most common requests. In particular the redheads and curly-haired options are likely to be popular," CNN quoted him as saying.

Back in March, Apple said it wanted to bring in emojis that better represent people with disabilities.

Its suggestions included wheelchair users, a guide dog and a hearing aid.

The company observed that very few of the current emoji options "speak to the life experiences of those with disabilities". Unicode agreed, and has promised to introduce some in 2019.

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