Help us map street harassment around the world

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Media captionWomen in Lebanon share the words that have been shouted at them - what does street harassment look like where you are?

As part of the BBC's 100 Women season we would like you to join in and help us build up a picture of street harassment around the world.

We would like you or any of your female friends or family who experience harassment between Friday 2 December and Sunday 4 December to share your story with us.

We only need a brief description of the incident and the city where it happened. Tweet it using the hashtag #mappingharassment or if you prefer, email

Do not put yourself at risk or try to take any pictures of the incident. Also do not give us further elements that could lead to your full identification, like your name, or address. Only post a brief description, the city and the hashtag.

With this information the 100 Women team will aim to build a snapshot of what street harassment can look like during a particular period of time, although it cannot be considered a 100% accurate or scientific assessment of this issue.

Please join us and help #MappingHarassment

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