Quiz: Which world leaders are you most like?

As the US prepares to elect a new president, how do you measure up to the most powerful people on Earth? Are you better educated than them? What about age - are you younger or older? Do you have more experience on the job?

Find out how you match up with 195 of the world's leaders based on data compiled by BBC Monitoring Research.



Time in the job


Data on the age, education and tenure of leaders of 195 countries was compiled by BBC Monitoring Research and was last updated on 15 September 2016.

Leaders whose date of birth and educational attainment was unavailable were not included.

For this project, a country's leader was defined as the leader who in practice holds most political power in that country.

In the case of San Marino, where there are two heads of state with equal power in charge at the same time, one was selected at random.

In most cases the date where a leader was sworn in or assumed power is taken as the start date of their time in power.


This page has been updated with data for the Finnish prime minister. Originally it had used data for the Finnish president.


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