Pokemon Go: Is the hugely popular game a global safety risk?

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Image caption Pokemon Go players are encouraged to seek beasts in often remote location

Pokemon Go was released to most parts of the world this month, and in a matter of days has become a global phenomenon.

The augmented reality game has been downloaded by millions of players, who are encouraged to venture into real-life places to hunt down virtual monsters.

But the game has proved controversial - with some users disregarding safety warnings, leading to car crashes, muggings, injury and even death.

Saudi Arabian clerics have called the game "un-Islamic". Indonesia has banned its military from playing the game, and a Cossack leader has said it "smacks of Satanism".

Police around the world have issued warnings to players in the hope of preventing further incidents.

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Image caption A subway poster in New York

So what do we know of the incidents so far?

Teen killed in Guatemala

On July 20, Jerson Lopez de Leon, 18, and his cousin Daniel Moises Picen, 17, were ambushed while playing the game south-east of Guatemala City.

Mr Lopez de Leon was killed and his cousin was seriously injured. Police found nearly 20 bullet casings at the scene but are unsure of the motive behind the killing.

Baltimore Police Crash

Image copyright Baltimore Police Dept
Image caption A man in Baltimore crashed into a police car

On July 18, a man crashed into a parked police car in Baltimore, US, kept driving, and finally stopped at the end of the road after the police ran after him. Police say he admitted he was playing Pokemon Go at the time.

Baltimore Police say there were two other Pokemon Go related incidents just this week.

Boat stolen in Liverpool

Image copyright Google
Image caption The group of 20 youths were chasing a Pokemon across the lake

On July 19, a group of 20 teenagers stole a boat in efforts to catch Pokemon characters on a lake in Liverpool, UK.

The group abandoned the boat in the middle of the lake after the coastguard was called to investigate. The rescue team said users should take care not to put themselves and rescue services at risk.

Stuck in a tree

Image copyright East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue
Image caption New Jersey fire department rescues woman in tree

A woman in New Jersey, US, had to be rescued by firemen after getting stuck in a cemetery tree while playing the game.

The fire chief issued a public safety warning, but saved the woman further embarrassment by not releasing her name.

Off a cliff

On July 14, two men in California, US, fell up to 33m (108 ft) off a cliff after ignoring "no trespassing" signs while playing Pokemon Go.

Firefighters rescued the men and took them to a nearby hospital. They have not been charged with trespassing.

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