World media mark 'untiring' Queen's 90th birthday

Front pages of newspapers from around the world reporting on Queen's anniversary
Image caption Newspapers around the world reported on Queen's milestone birthday

The Queen's 90th birthday attracts considerable international media coverage, although it does not often make the newspaper front pages outside Commonwealth countries.

'A constant presence'

Canada's Globe and Mail recalls her most memorable visits to the country and how it covered them, while ABC in the US seems very interested in Prince George's debut on a commemorative postage stamp.

In India, The Hindustan Times promises to tell its readers "all you need to know" about the Queen's life, and The Asian Age profiles her in its Newsmakers section.

For Pakistan's Dawn, the Queen has been a "constant presence in a changing world".

'90 years - congratulations!'

The Queen makes some front pages in Europe and the inside pages almost everywhere, with features on her life and times.

In Germany, only the popular Bild tabloid skips the story, although its website has an article on why she is a "trendsetter".

Other front pages have prominent pictures of the Queen or her family, with Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine running "Happy Birthday" headlines in English.

Der Tagesspiegel sets the tone with "A life full of superlatives", while leftwing tageszeitung prefers to note that the Queen is "just ahead of Fidel Castro" in the age stakes.

Image copyright Suddeutsche Zeitung
Image caption German newspapers extensively covered the story

The press in staunchly republican France is less effusive, although La Depeche du Midi has a large front-page photo of the Queen captioned, "90 years, congratulations!"

France TV takes a more analytical look, concluding that she has made the motto "never complain, never explain" her own.

Le Nouvel Observateur also highlights her discretion, especially over the Brexit debate, with the headline: "The Queen who never says anything".

Further east, Russian mainstream media has little to say, although online newspaper editions are more forthcoming in their praise of what the Metro free paper calls "90 stunning years of the Queen".

Komsomolskaya Pravda website reports that she has "beaten so many records. Oldest monarch in history. Oldest woman head of state. Longest-serving British monarch", and for Moskovsky Komsomolets she is "not just popular, but the most popular woman in world".

Less graciously, some media speculate on whether the Queen may abdicate.

Zvezda TV channel, which is owned by the Russian defence ministry, reports "media rumours" to that effect, as does Ukraine's Segodnya newspaper.

'Extravagant ceremonies'

Saudi Arabian media stands out in the Middle East in praising the Queen, with Saudi-funded Al-Arabiya TV running a profile of her as an "untiring, ever popular" monarch.

A religious holiday means no papers in Iran, but the Irna and Fars news agencies strike a sourer note with references to "extravagant ceremonies" to mark the Queen's birthday, and recall that populist prime minister Mohammad Mossadeq was ousted in an Anglo-US coup at the start of her reign.

China's official media largely ignores the story, but celebrity websites and the Hong Kong media run features on her life.

Apple Daily also interviews leading Hong Kong collectors of royal memorabilia, and some papers in the former British colony pair the story with India's demand for the return of the Koh-i-Noor diamond.

'No sign of tiring'

In the United States, the Royal Family make the front page of the US Washington Post, although the New York Times front page passes over the story.

In South America, one theme is the Queen's devotion to duty.

The Colombian daily El Tiempo comments that she is "not willing to abdicate until her last breath", and Argentine papers highlight agency reports that she "shows no signs of tiring, despite her age".

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