Kim Kardashian nude selfies: Liberation or degradation?

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The reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West has posted nude selfies on her social media accounts with the hashtag #liberated, prompting much reaction on social media.

There have been 221,000 tweets that included the term "Kim Kardashian" or "Kim K", both of which were trending on Twitter worldwide.

So on this International Women's Day, is Kim's decision an indication of women's freedom or is it simply demeaning?

The veteran actress and singer Bette Midler condemned Kim with this tweet which generated 100,000 retweets:

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Meanwhile young actress Chloe Moretz tweeted directly to Kim about setting goals for women:

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image copyrightTwitter / @ChloeGMoretz

Broadcaster Piers Morgan waded in with an offer to Kim:

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There have been mixed responses in general to Kim's move.

Jenna Olbermann tweeted@BBC_HaveYourSay:"It's a step back because we are so much more than just our bodies."

Jim Stewart tweets: "KK defines 'women' as narrowly as possible. Malala, Mother Theresa & the scores that fight for justice r WOMEN!"

Lunaticmission tweets: "It's a step backwards. We should be celebrating successful women in science, industry + sport."

But some people disagree, such as Tidz Tidz who tweets: "Feminism and women's rights are all about the right to choose how we want to live our lives... therefore step forwards."

Andrew Young tweets that it was a positive move from women: "It will be a step forward for women if every one can do what she wants without being demonised or made to feel guilty."

Johnny tweets: "She is free to do as she pleases. Any judgement says more about the judge than the judged."

And Lorraine Kelham tweets: "It's her body if she wants to post naked pics of herself its up to her - doesn't affect me in the slightest."