Identity 2016: How are you changing?

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Media captionBBC journalists explore the idea of identity, explaining how their backgrounds, cultures and genders define who they are and how they see themselves.

This year the BBC is examining the concept of "identity".

We would like you to take part, using your videos, photos, drawings and animations to show how your identity is changing.

We will showcase some of your submissions across the BBC, and you can get involved in the global conversation by using #BBCIdentity.

Do you define yourself by where you come from? Or does technology make you feel connected to people outside of your immediate environment? In this changing world how is your identity changing?

You can submit your vision of identity from 14 March to 18 April 2016.

How to enter

  • Upload your image or video (which should last no longer than one minute) to us
  • Send it via email to with the subject "BBC Identity"
  • Send it via WhatsApp to +44 (0) 7508 522 914
  • Submit contributions via Twitter by using the hashtag #BBCIdentity and we will monitor this

We would also like to know your name, age, nationality and contact details, including phone number and Skype account if you have one.

Ground rules

  1. Your image or video must be your own creation
  2. Videos or animations should please last no longer than one minute
  3. If your contribution includes images of someone else, they must give permission for their image to be used
  4. Any music you include must be your own composition and performance
  5. Your entry must not be defamatory or obscene or contain any element of advertisement material for commercial products or services
  6. If you are under 18 your parent or guardian must submit your contribution and confirm they are happy for it to be published
  7. If your contribution includes children (under 18) then the parent or guardian of each child must give written permission for the child's image to be used
  8. If your contribution is filmed at a venue/location, you must have permission to film there

Please read our terms and conditions.

As people become increasingly connected and more mobile, the BBC is exploring how identities are changing.

Learn more about the BBC's Identity season or join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #BBCIdentity.